Hotline Miami Soundtrack [OST] ~ Deep Cover

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Deep Cover Hotline Miami OST Soundtrack

Aeron Le Noire
This is my alarm clock :)
Alessandro Rojas
It's on the house
Asriel Dreemurr [God of Hyperdeath]
everytime I wake up, I just so happen to listen to this music in my head
Awesome Alan4ever
Hey, it's Scarce here. we got some guys who aren't keen on the lack of a double upload today on SE 71st Street.\nTalk some sense in to em, will ya?
This is my alarm on my phone.
Badass Toad
Deez nuts.\nWoahwoahhhh
Bigmac Attack
This is exactly how my depression sounds and feels like in the mornings and on my way to work.
Brainy Veddy
*Dee dee dah deah!*
Bryan E. A.
Smoke weed everyday
C1rax !
I REALLY Love the soundtracks of Hotline Miami
Chris Hansen
What's up with the guy in the background, kinda ruined the song for me... :/ just saying
Ciaran Hufsky
I think this game and it's sequel are like Portal +Portal 2:while the sequel packs in more content,it lacks in tightness and lasting effect.
That bass tho.
Cynthia Dringus
This song reminds me of the Lavender Town theme. Not because of the way it sounds, but because it gives you the urge to murder something.
Daikaiju Enthusiast
Best song in the game.
*Killing Spree Music*
Dex RB
Dress to kill
Dommer4kill: DX
Y'know, there's a pretty big difference in the soundtracks between Hotline Miami 1 and 2: Hotline Miami 2's music is great, but Hotline Miami 1's music is thematic. By that I mean that Hotline Miami 2 seemed set on having bangers and songs that got you pumped up for killing, but Hotline Miami 1's soundtrack in tandem with the visuals does an outstanding job of making you feel like you yourself are in Miami Florida in 1989.\nI certainly find it to be the case anyways.
Duki Nuki chewy gummy
Hey this is some dude from whatever job you have, deal with some clients that totally aren't from the russian mafia. We are at NW somestreet 99. Be discrete or something.
I put this on my waking-up alarm, so when I wake up I feel like I'm starting a new chapter on Hotline Miami
I smoke weed to this
Gabor Kreutz
this song is getting pretty intense after a few minutes. it goes from chilled miami sound to hysteric earbursting vibes. pretty sick.
I loved every intro because it showed the house gradually getting cleaner and the girlfriend gradually getting better. I thought it was absolutely adorable when they moved their beds together.\n\nEverything was going so great\n\nuntil...\n\n\n\n\nThat rat
Hey, you know cool game soundtracks that are not yet here? \nThen writes it in the comments :D\n\nHey, ihr kennt coole Spiele Soundtracks die hier noch nicht sind ?\nDann schreibt sie doch in die Kommentare :D
- Тебя переводят в Соединенные штаты.\n- В Америку?\n- Нет, блять, в Австралию!\n(обзор BadComedian'а на \
Holy Shalomi
This song makes me wanna skydive from a submarine
Ingrid Del Carmen Doria Doria
Why everytime i hear this song or dust i feel sad or angry?
what did they use for a sample?
The embodiment of misery, confusion, sadness, boredom, and just overall weirdness In a good and bad way your just don't know what to think and it bothers you
Jack Van Kirk
This is Hank Hill at Strickland Propane. I tell you whut, I got some propane and propane accessories for sale. Bring a tap and dye, and some WD-40.
Jose Choper
Joseph c.
Type of music that will make you wake up and consider suicide
I need this playing on a speaker system in my home 24/7
Kevin Ponce
The music reminds me of Crash Twinsanity Neo Cortex's Iceberg lab music
Kyle Henry Anderson
May 9th, 1989\nMiami, Florida
Mathew Farrell
Home, sweet home...
Matt Huffman
This is the first thing I hear and last thing I hear
Maxi Armi Gremorian
this song is awesome :D
Naughtius Maximus
I was genuinely terrified when I heard this song the first couple of times
Whenever I hear this song, I start walking around really fast with my hands in my pockets.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
gorchaya liniya
That's the tune i wake up to...
People are talking about listening to this while being high...\nI am an intellectual, so I suggest to listen to this every weekend morning, while making a breakfast and relaxing.
Plague Doctor
April 3rd, 1989\nMiami - Florida
don't hate me 4 my opinion, but i personally hate hearing this song every time before a level starts. With every second, while i'm writing this coment and listening to this, my ears bleed more and more.
PoorguyFridge 29
The second when you keep listening to this song and you forget how hard is this game is (sort of)
Product of a misinformed culture
Did anyone else try to get into the car before the Chinese sounding jingle played?
Red Daniel
I'm surprised the comment isn't actually used for people to give each other jobs like in the game.
I never played hotline but this ost is good
Scrawny McMassive
I still much prefer this OST to the one in HM2. I mean, it's great, but it's not quite up to par with this one, and far less memorable
Sebastian Bautista
Hi this is \
So F*ing good .. This game is so damn good .. I can't even hold all these godamn feels 
Sir Catteus
Hey, this is Chase, from Walmart. We have some customers that brought their infant children.\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBring the pacifier.
this is now my ringtone
I thought this was a Snoop Dogg song lol
Sonic 13202
I remember i had a dream. I was in my bed,outside the sky was red and got bolder.this song played but without the voice. I went to the living room where i saw a figure in a white robe or cloth,it was really hard to tell what it was but that's beside the point. Back to what i was saying tho,the figure had big curly blonde hair and a female mannequin's face as the mask. The figure stared directly at me and was wielding a knife. It ran and charged at me,stabbing the knife in my left shoulder. It pulled the knife out and jabbed it into my arm with the tip entering my side,i wanted to vomit blood. I died eventually on the floor curled in a way,however that wasn't the end of my dream.
God, I feel like I have a hangover.
Spank Rocket
Sounds like something from the 70's, pure psychedelic !
I know all the lyrics to this song. I'm so fooken gud
The Real ShaggZ
when I wake up in the monring
The Scorpion
[Picks up phone to answer it] \n\
I stay so often in the apartment to listen to this song - IT'S AWESOME
This gave me bad vibes whenever I heard this.
Trash Lord
hey wanna know something that'll mess you up\n\nhaving this playing at four in the morning while walking through a cold, near-empty hospital
Un tal Silver
a song for the hangover...
Vince Debruyn
+Ookler this would be a great alarm clock ring.\nI'd be afraid of what my day would be like though...
Writing Horror
This is my favorite song to have a hangover with. 💀👍
[adult swim]
Zoe Firi
Hey it's Jim from the auto repair shop, we're kind of getting a lot of business and need you to come in today so we can get everyone out of here in a timely manner. Oh, and remember to bring your tools!
My favorite song from the game.
___ Brix__
3rd April 1989\nMiami, Florida
I sit in the safe house just to listen to this...
No  "AESTHETIC"  Comments?\n\nI  Am  Truly  Disappointed...
ben outlaw
This song should have been called strung out.
Holy shit, put the speed at 0.5.
dimierre evans
this is the song I play when I smoke..
this song tickles my brain for whatever reason
in all
Hey, it’s Sergei from chocolate fabric ,,milkino’’. Some people is having troubles. Arrive to ostankino ulitsa and take care of it.
macabre ballet
Hello, this is Mr. Phelps of the \
melty boy
sounds like home
this is definitely my favourite track to hotline miami...
skinna mane
i smoke to this
tanki motoko
I don't know why but this music sticks with me so much
April 8th, 1989 Miami Florida
the soundtrack to the world's worst hangover.
I liked this game better than Wrong Number but Wrong Number had more replay ability
An anonymous masked man taking anonymous phone calls to go execute unconvicted criminals in the most flawless and efficient way possible without mercy, remorse, reflection, or a single word. Why is the idea of that so pure?
Not the cookies!