A tribute to Birth

Tribute to Anna (Nicole Kidman) in the exciting and obscure thriller 'Birth'.

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Alfredo León
Was he really Sean or what?
Ashley Palmisano
Loved it! Cameron was so cute as a little kid :)\nAn let me get some stuff straight. There was no sex in the movie. They shared one kiss and they weren't in the bath together when they were filming that scene. They weren't even really naked.
Lord Byron
Riveting, good movie. I wanted more. Didn't like the ending. For me, the writer never answered the question \
Nicole is sooooo good in this movie. Well, in all of them,. There's just something about her in this one that is so unique. Ugh I can't explain and besides, I don't want to say she's any less in other movies because she's fantastic in all of them. I guess it's more about the storyline and the way she acts it out. That scene in the movie theathre is the most powerful close up scene I have ever seen in my entire life. Good job on the video! :-) I might have a go at that movie too some day =)
Nayda montenegro
quisiera saber como se llama la cancion que suena en este videooo..! xfavor responder a mi canal de youtube graciaz
Petros Kouklotheatros
The final scene,of this diamont movie,helps me to cry,when i have to and i cant
@808lana. No, there are no weird sex scencs, that's not what this film is about. That element, which could have been distasteful and exploitative if mismanaged, was so well executed, a tribute to the skills of cast and crew. Nothing for the voyeur here.
Bad song for a great movie,very underrated,but how sean jr knew where sean died/???
Now we know why she left Tom, she like the kids....