Avengers Infinity War Retro Trailer

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Please subscribe to help us grow and make more mashupsYou are welcome to watch the retro version of Avengers Infinity War. The Avengers and their Super Hero allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.Burt Reynolds as Iron ManReb Brown as Captain AmericaPeter Hooten as Dr. StrangeNicholas Hammond as Spider-manJulius Carry as Black PantherMax von Sydow as ThanosLou Ferrigno as HulkDavid Hasselhoff as Nick FuryJean-Claude Van Damme as Winter SoldierEric Allan Kramer as ThorEddie Murphy as FalconBrent Spiner as VisionLeonora Ruffo as Black WidowJessica Walter as Scarlet WitchChuck Norris as PunisherBlack Kamen Rider as Ant ManEd Gale as Howard the DuckDennis Quaid as StarlordLouis Gossett Jr as DraxSusan Oliver as Gamora Dick Durock as GrootAlf as Rocket RacoonAlex Hyde-White as Dr. Reed RichardsJay Underwood as Johnny StormRebecca Staab as Susan StormCarl Ciarfalio as ThingThis work uses excerpts from:- Captain America (1979)- The Amazon Spider-man (1977)- Spider-man: The Dragon’s Challenge (1979)- The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988)- The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)- Exo-man (1977)- The Fantastic Four (1994)- Universal Soldier (1992)- Dr Strange (1978)- Star Trek TV Series (1966)- Kamen Rider Black (1987)- Enemy Mine (1985)- Nick Fury: Agent of Shield (1998)- Starpilot (1966)- Swamp Thing (1982)- Flash Gordon (1980)- Alf TV Series (1986)- Black Crystal (1982)- The Last Starfighter (1984)- Howard the Duck (1986)- The Golden Child (1986)- The Last Dragon (1985)- Malone (1987)- Masters of the Universe (1987)- Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)Feel free to comment, criticize and suggest new mashup videos!Darth Blender team:Producer - Felipe HaurelhukScreenplay - Eduardo CalvetEditor - Christiani BuffoniSubtitles & Social Media - Fabrício CarvalhoLocution - Rubens MacedoSound Design - Tony PereiraCG & VFX - Alexandre PerrottaVocê está convidado a assistir a versão retro do Avengers Infinity War. Os Avengers e seus super-heróis aliados estão dispostos a sacrificar tudo na tentativa de derrotar o poderoso Thanos antes que sua nevasca de devastação e ruína acabem com o universo.ATENÇÃO: Após assistir o vídeo, deixe a sua sugestão nos comentários! Seu mashup pode aparecer aqui no canal nas próximas semanas!Visit us on PS: This video is for recreational purposes only. We do not intend to sell or profit with any material which rights do not belong to us. Once we do not own the movie's rights, we will never promote it commercially.PS: Esse vídeo é apenas recreativo. Nós não pretendemos vender ou monetizar qualquer material cujo os direitos não nos pertencem. Por nós não termos os diretos dos filmes em questão, nós nunca iremos comercializar esse material.

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1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!
Hella funny...
Arumoy Sarkar
0:44 I died of laughing....
Avi Kaushik
This is avengers comedy war..lol
Awesomeman 3226
I want the Infinity War trailer...\n**shows Infinity War trailer 1**\nThe real Infinity War trailer!!\n**shows trailer 2**\nTHE REAL TRAILER!!!!!!\n**shows this**\nPerfection.
BS Killa
The Spider Man costume actually looked pretty good. Iron Man looking like a walking vacuum cleaner.
Beaudoin Motorsports
BellowD Gaming
Chuck Norris as the Punisher? Thanos you better run
Beuken Phom
What did I just watch... \nIron Man😂😂\nhulk pants look like a skirt 😂😂\nThat is definitely going to my WATS app statues.
Brandon Balkaran
Can't wait to rent this from my local blockbuster.
Brian Paez
Cant wait to Rent this for vhs at my local block buster whith my new fat tv :D
C Smith
1.28 Thor arrived at wakanda and charged towards his enemies
well would've paid to watch this instead of justice league
Chance Paladin
Fans: Miss Marvel is going to be too OP...\n*Punisher-Norris appears*\nFans: well.. shit.
Chandan JATAV
Chuck Norris is enough.
Chandler Bing
Can't wait to get it on VHS
Only Spider Man looked *decent*
Craig Voclain
The punisher aka chuck norris defeats thanos single handedly.
Como olvidar cuando Chuck Norris era the punisher
I laughed hard when i saw the alien from Enemy mine lol
Diego Canitrot
Chuck Norris, Only Chuck Norris is enough lol
one of the best things i have ever watched in my entire life
Eh See
Kamen Rider Black as Ant-Man? I'm Sold! :)
Francisco Samour
That movie would have been a classic.
Gabriel Villanueva
Hope it is still available in betamax!!
I can’t wait! I’ve been saving up these three dollars for this moment!! See you at the movies!
Game Tuber508
So retro I love it!!
Garth Palmer
Alf as Rocket\n\nXD
George Kokius
Eddie Murphy as Falcon
Can't beat the classics.
Isaac Barela
The punisher is Chuck Norris lmao
*Marvel perde feio para esses efeitos kkkkk*
JJ Plays
Avengers 4 looking good
Jetpack Blues
The beginning reminds me so much of the original Star Trek series
Jimmy Snibits
This is the greatest thing of all time
Kinda funny to think that Kamen Rider Black is Antman here especially when you think that Antman's modern costume could pass as a Kamen Rider suit
Kunal Oad
The good old days...
Legendario JC
Stan Lee even got his cameo 👍🏼
Marcelle Summer louwrens
infinry war 1986
0:37\nSho'nuff As Black Panther lol \nMight sound a little like this \nBlack Panther: See, now it is mumbo jumbo like that, and skinny little lizards like you thinkin' they the last dragon that gives kung-fu a bad name
cringe level: 9999999999
Migue lito xd
You just spoiled the Part 2 of the infinity war
Mudasir Mehdi
f...k i going to sucied
Never Again
Its like the Avengers, but with Special Needs.
Noel Garcia
One day people will be calling the current movies retro
Sho nuff as black panther ......😐
Paulo Roberto
Na verdade o homem formiga é o homem gafanhoto.😜
Pedro Henrique Ramos de Oliveira
This is so 80's it hurts.
Peridot Universe Capitulos HD
Ese hombre araña tenia una garrapata en la espalda y pecho :v
Pixels Blocks and TNT
Thanos is the Master
Prima Natura
This is sick dude
Rajat Das
Holyshit 😱😱i can't imagine avengers infinity war would look like this way,,,.. 😁😂😂😂
Random Zone
*when you pirate a movie from a shady Nigerian website*
Still looks better than Justice League
Riley Brock
ALF !!!!!!!
Ronaldo Vindas
Alf as Rocket killed me
Six Paths Sage
And the best actor 2018 award goes to Burt Reynolds for playing \
Thanos has no potato chip chin\n...
Spoke Fists
*_Iron Man looked like an Iron Dustbin_*
Steven M Attrell
Calling it now. ALF is going to be in Guardians 3.
Suicidal Vinyl
Tan Ory Jaka Perdana
Man, this trailer is 999.999.999.999.999 times better than justice league..
Teddy Toys
Thashil K
Punisher in infinity war😂
The Awesomer
The Creator8888
Infinity War dies in Chuck Norris.
The Eevee
Finally, the real infinity war trailer
The McZilla
The Sprawl
Avengers: Infinity War - the DC version
Troll Master
Chuck norris xD
Valerio Quaranta
If Chuck Norris had been in Infinity War, the film would last 5 minutes.
Varkade Games
This made my day...and it’s not even 9 a.m. yet. 😃✌️
We make Trickshots
Iron looks The best.😂😂
I wonder if years later, people will come back to the movie trailer today and think the same thought that we thought watching this video
A true classic.\n\nToo bad you didn't use Dolph Lundgren as The Punisher, because we know Chuck Norris would win on his own.
achu laxman
axel axel
baranata kirca
Wtf alf
debkamal mullick
Imagine people in 1970s saw this trailer and then went to see this movie.. instead Infinity War (2018) started playing.. the audience would get heart attack from awsomeness overdose
emrhan mohammad embuido
Ant-Man looked like a Kamen Rider here.
flawabada whatzaaa
0:50 Alf will defeat Thanos
future YouTuber
This is the infinity war 2 movie
hanzo main
“I can do this all day-“\n*BLOWS UP*
Burt Reynolds would make a better Tony Stark
Alf ??😂😂
I don't know why but *I'm hyped for this* 😂
prasad ghadage
Captain America u better run ....u have plastic shield n Plastic is now banned in India😂😂😂😂
random guy
This looks like if. A chinese movie company and starwars made a movie
Rest in peace Burt Reynolds
yusri ikhwan
If it retro who will die in this classic movie?
ਅਨਮੋਲ ਸਿੰਘ