Timati feat. Craig David - Sex In The Bathroom (Official Video Clip)

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After his huge European hit "Welcome to St. Tropez" with Swiss DJ Antoine, Timati releases on 22 June 2012 his new solo album called "Swagg". The album includes massive collaborations, productions and remixes of artists such as Timbaland, P.Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Eve, Busta Rhymes, Craig David, La La Land, DJ Antoine, Laurent Wolf, Remady, PH Electro or Mario Winans just to name a few. "Sex In The Bathroom" feat. superstar Craig David is the second single of his top-20-album "Swagg". - Buy the single "Sex In The Bathroom" on iTunes:

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i want that perfume :D
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Amazing talent of Craig David makes this sound. I'm surprised it only has 23K views. Videos of kittens walking into glass doors get more views. Perhaps Craig should film himself tripping over or spilling beer on himself. It would get more views. And probably sound better compared to this utter shit.
Da nu lazha
Catchy song but I like it when craig does his stuff. I think this is step in the wrong direction
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