Dr. Dre - Deep Cover [Instrumental]

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Taken from the Deep Cover 12" single.Released in 1992.

cover deep dr. dre instrumental

Fun fact: This beat was supposed to be for Mc Ren.
i can feeeelll iiiit
A Smutty Double Entendre
Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥 in 2017!
Aye I made an official music video for my remix of Deep Cover and it's fiya, check it out
Dead presidents for dirty residents \nSpent it on my medicine \nGood kush aroma like its heaven sent \nElevating my mind hesitating for shine \nShaded all my life so I stay with my kind \nMy heart hard as to find pardon my pride\nIt's part of the time \nGood music harder to find the artist in mind \nHardly provide beats and bars made for devine \nDid for the gram why I got swisher in the hand \nCracking the fans the crakin of man attacking the land \nThe Pakistan bombing the plan \nMy planet so bland \nAdd some flavor like BAM!\nSacrificing a lamb  \nUltra violent getting a tan Iran sinking in sand\nPoof goes the roof woofers kicking like hoofs in coups \nBringing the troops popping bottles with tooths a hundred proof \nAnd I bring fire to the booth \nInduce by the fruit \nMy group rules the youth \nAnd we teaching it too \nPaying my dues to slay all that accuse \nMy views leave you kneeling in pews\nShit, I think I'm chewing you too \nThats revenge for biting my crew  \nAin't got nothing to lose except money for food \nEating you fools diabetes insues \nDefuse, accuse, or lose whatever you choose \nI'm burning purple like fuel they say my twisting's so cruel \nCause it's turning them blue call that abuse \nYeah you're bitch is acute cause I made her obtuse \nThats 180 degrees plus a 7 for blues
Adrian Eriksen
Imagine B.I.G on this track...
Adrian Garcia
I can feel it
Andyrground PROD.
Man this is criminal
Ashwin Chalisgaonkar
best westcoast beat
I'm a spiritual lyrical individual,\nspiritual miracle lyrical individual,\nspiritual miracle individual.\n\n#bringrealhiphopback
Boosted Cortez
Any bass players know the beginning Bass Line Notes?
CJ Jackson
The Game destroyed this beat. 9 minutes 200 Bars!
Casshy God
i wonder would G herbo do something with this beattt!
Music doesn't have an expiration date and I love free styling to this dope beat! 
Christopher Engish Eubank
Corey William
tyga ruined the new version
D.C 29
It’s such a simple beat with little strings and sounds happening here & there.... This is one of the best west coast beats ever. I love how the bass & piano are working together musically.
I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses\nCan't define these, mockeries\nLyrically perform armed robbery\nFlee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me\nBattle-scarred Shogun, explosion when my pen hits tremendous\nUltraviolet shine blind forensics\nI inspect you, through the future see millennium\nKiller Beez sold fifty gold, sixty platinum\nShackling the masses with drastic rap tactics\nGraphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths\nBlack Wu jackets, Queen Bees ease the guns in\nRumble with patrolmen, tear gas laced the function\nHeads by the score take flight incite a war\nChicks hit the floor, die hard fans demand more\nBehold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly\nProceeds to blow, swinging swords like Shinobi\nStomp grounds and pound footprints in solid rock\nWu got it locked, performing live on your hottest block\n\nGuess the rapper...
Daekwon Da Prophet
Ominous but funky. The best way to describe one of the greatest beats in the history of hip hop music.
Dalton Boyd
I'm sorry Dre and Snoop,but Pun and Joey BODIED them on this beat.
David Grohl
It broke my heart when I found out this beat was originally booked for Ren 😩😩😩
Don Theking Comedy
This is way better than big pun's version
Dustin H
It's funny some of you only know this from a video game. This really from the soundtrack of the '92 LA riots. Oh yea, and deep cover
Dylan G
Beat is still hard 24 years later
Emily J
its sad that dr dre is still so slept on, and people don't even consider him the best producer. he is the greatest. if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have most of these rappers that we consider legends- NWA, 50 cent, snoop, eminem, just to name a few. y'all won't appreciate this man until he is dead, then y'all will be like there will never be another dre, and there will never be another dre
Funky Gamer
i was playing some hockey on xbone listening to this and went the sirens went off when someone scored it synced up perfectly
G-p g-p
Ready for war joe how you wanna blow they spot
GHost XD
Gemitaiz Official
Classic 90's style. Perfect for spitting 4/4 with your homie after a cannon. \nThumbs up if you get it.
Golden ModeM
can't stomach, what I pump, just plummet, come with what you want, if you want some, cuz you got fronted, I don't slump, just crack at the bat as soon as you swung it, and my pitch don't change, still remain the same, others stunted, growth, I post dozens, it's all free, you can pay a fee for less intuitive, but what I give is priceless, like this if you bump it, to a rhythm or not, not popular, just proper for, any range you spot at even from the cap of binoculars, from my heart to my ocular, I don't spit game, I spit truth, you can get juice, I get strained trying to refrain from taking aim, and letting it loose, you can shake your caboose, and let others run trains on you, I see there's no use, I see there's no brains in you, I hang in loops, and spin dirty, you can stay clean, I stay mean and wordy, you a little birdie trying to sink hole, you can make it to the top giving up your pink hole, I stay in the gutter, because I'm under under ground covers, I rustle the feathers on the pigeon head freaks who bound to surround suckers, and I found there's no other, I'm alone in the zone you can kiss up to fake friends and never recover, I recoup and rebound like I'm rubber, and never stop swishing, you can get hip or get chipped like a machine does wash dishing, I'm sauce dripping, if it doesn't get all over your face than taste what I'm spitting, splitting domes like melons, you can pretend you're as tough as 10 to 12 felons, I'll be that simple, and never go flop or pop like your pimple, keep rapping about dough, while I bake at higher temperatures that your ass does not know...
If you put it to 1.5 speed. You rap fast on it!
Deep Cover,kaanecpts,Twinz.WHO WAS THE ORIGNAL
K.A.A.N murdered this track. KAANCEPTS
I feel that Big Pun and Fat Joe were the 2nd behind snoop and dre to flow to this beat and murdered it
Jack Salonsky
James Howard
Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know that we riddled some middlemen who didn't do diddly
Jason Andrew
yo the soundtrack E.T. the video game on Atari 2600 brought me here.
Jay LaMark
ready for war Joe how you wanna blow they spot?
this is music remember me GTA SanAndreas! Old Times, Good Times! 2004 the best times
Jylo Jay
...then a guy called Tyga came and ruined this song.
Keon Cox
Can you say hip hop classic
Hei oikeesti ahti nopeuttaa sen räppei..
Krishan Mohan
this beat is still too hard
Leo N.A.
Big L would murder this
Lindo Dladla
Sick beat right here Dre went stupid with it, back in '''92 what an intro for Snoop
ImDontai, Koollee and Jinx anybody?
Medi ocrity
This is the most destroyed beat of all time
Mel Woods
Dre snapped with this...well after \
Mider-Span Man
Bidilly cidilly didilly fidilly gidilly hidilly jidilly kidilly lidilly midilly nidilly pidilly quidilly ridilly sidilly tidilly vidilly widilly xidilly yidilly zidilly
Mile High MoNey missioN
shit almost sounds east coast
Min-sup Lee
비와이의 쇼미 2차 비트를 찾으러 오신분들 잘왔습니다ㅎㅎ
I didn't even have to look Medusa in the eyes to have a heart of stone,\nPeople so fake sometimes I want to be alone,\nScratching my head, how do i survive in this life, \nAvoid getting stabbed in my back with a knife,\nSeen honest people become ruthless when they had to,\nIt inspired me to rethink about what I must do,\nWhat only counts in this world is the dough, you know\nThat shit that makes the hot chicks melt like snow,\nPeople are abusive, even when the sun shines and the sky is blue,\nThey will still try to take advantage of you,\nYou should look at the small things cause the big one are never genuine,\nIt's always an act, in fact, I know this because it's always been backed,\nI knew chicks who were raped, yet they still went back to the same boys,\nAll the advice from family and friends, it was only white noise\n\nY'all like it?
Nicky Barrett
Obsidian Ocean
One of the best beats period. Pun and Crack killed this joint
Sean Lal
the drums and the bassline go perfect together I wish I was born when this first came out lol
SensationX1 13
This sounds kinda creepy I love it
Skylar Belser
Man This Beat Makes You Want To Some G Shit
I think I just lost it\nI anit even joshing\nI'm being honest \nThere will be more fist raise today\nThe a mash pit\nThere anit no stop \nThe editable the incredible\nHeavy metal flow \nI though I should let you know\nThis rap game you should let it go\nBefore I go berserk \nDo it before you get hurt
Taylor Bansz
didnt big pun rap to this?
The Infamous G
*187 On Tha Undercover Cop*
The Minecraft Beatle
Westcoast music rocking them brooklyn beats\nI love it
The Scallywag Whisperer
Dead in the middle of little Italy
Trane Crowley
Grove street blasting ballads 💥💥🔫🔫
search kaancepts he used the backround music but changed a little bit
You Wantanabe
The Bass Looks Similar Of BTS' \
Young Gatsby Music
This version is a bit high picthed
Yung Rich Jayy
GTA San Andreas
masterpiece, no words for this! respect Dre
Damn that beat is definitly in top 10 of the most. Is it from dre?
creep with me
jalen spane
i can feeeeeeeeeeeel it
jo ki
I am gramma', I am work. I just need a different word.  Similiar to how we shuffle automatically to what's heard, my fingers just do a dance in my defense. I'm in a zone of danger, in my ghetto mixin' situation chamber that was going to be my basement to train in, but I'm sticky in it. Up with pasty, vanilla, soundproof, kushions, & sticky notes.  I'm the ghost killa', grim reaper, the confidant, Simon says , do or don't, the murderous one, and Joel just rolls along. My shield is bone. I'm deeper than what is underneath your skull, I'm the third eye that doesn't need another, I'm the patrón of your soul, in need of no introduction. Only saying gold, wielding a tongue of realness, you're dead and you didn't know.  You get to vaguely experience sensation every time I make a point. I'm in your ear forever, be thankful, you're not afloat. Coasting to my hymn from the time and place that came after night, morning, and sleep. Your computer is working right, because you're being watched online. It didn't matter until they interacted. So, this is the afterlife.   Never a broken cipher despite you got some lines to write. Futuristic hackers will be trying to crack the code to my mental, until the year thirty somethin' five, but I won't leave you that much insight. I'm an entity of ligh, so try forever, until everyone plummets off the cliff head first, not thinking to pencil dive.  I dwell myself. I am the dark knight riding the rhythm. I'm coming for you. You're all going to find. I am the little thing in the back of your mind saying 'it's going to be alright'. I am the beast of burden. I am Ghandi in his prime. Running water, all the garbage. I am why you ponder. I am Jesus Christ.  I'm the reason why you touch your wrist to the knife like an Einstein, all good things in good time learn to rhyme, selfish motherfu ckers set you up, and then you die.
jonathan C
The drums,UGHH😍
Insert wack freestyles here
lufka z trawką
ten beat jest kurwa tlusty jak Magda Gessler
MC Ren would murder this
matthew yu
Dead in the middle of little Italy little that we know that we riddle some middlemen who didn't do diddily
Who in thee BLUE HELL let TYGA get the remake party version of these beat, smh
nick Cho
(Capital letters on left side mean new line)\n\nI ain't letting up, It's just the switch up\nThe last two minutes of the track was the warm up\nPart to of exposin all your cover ups\nAin't shit to me like a garbage at a pickup\n\nNo real friends, all brand new\nActin like your homies make up the baddest crew\nDon't act like your life's full of issues\nCus people don't buy your cries no tissues \nStrangers comin with egos I cab see through\nI smoke your lies all day like a barbeque\n\nIn this case, Imma be the villain\nGivin you infections that can't be cured by penicillin \nCus your whole life's worse than a ten year felon\nIf only I can swap the felon for you to be in prison\n\nI go prolific on em scriptures\nSo vivid with my lectures that it turns into a moving picture\nSo potent call me Mr. Ripper\nKillin fans who change from the lakers to the clippers
Anyone know why the one on \
radio los sontos booiizzz
I feel like lord finesse would sound tight on this beat
veronica glover
i remember this song the beat is tight yaul
xcxxpachou tv
¡Skillz Flav'!
killa joint
—— ——
2.0 Speed: sounds like a Mini-Game with a time limit, idk why 😂
When you get in trouble at school and you come home and your mom's waiting
lol this beat is crazy. I never heard great beat like this before.
누군가의 래퍼에서 이제 난 네 래퍼\n실력 향상을 원하는 너는 나를 베껴\n너에게도 엄청난 영향을 끼치는 내 Ego\n내 fan의 실력이 당연 너보다는 muck better\n올해는 작년의 비와이가 되고 싶은 애들이 꽤 많아보여\n그건 큰 야망이야 최고가 되려는 거니깐\nbut nobody can't like me 완전 구별된 놈\n짧은 머리의 nazirite I'm living in da dream\n내 상태는 림보 네가 나를 본다면 \n네 자세는 림보 because 내 위치는 맨 위지\n매너리즘에 깊이 빠진 넌 텔레비전에 비친 나를 배우겠지
I gotta stack it and filp in it like tory lanez\nGod bless my homeie this track is bagin\n내가 원하는 대로만 길을 그려내 뭔지 고갤 \n갸우뚱 갸우뚱 하는 놈들에겐 그저\n보여주는게 난 답이라고 믿어\n몇년째 하고 있지 그래서 난 매일 기도 올려\nbut 답은 오지 않아 여태껏 그랬듯이\n믿고 자신밖에 없다는 거야\nWoah what's your problem baby\nWe still in this 말만 해 baby\nI just wanna be greatest rapper maybe\n내가 아직 아니라면 또 달려 매일이 내겐 \nMarathon이고 이겨야만 하는 뭔 게임\n다들 이거나먹고 내게 cake 넘겨 왜 왜\n앞을 보는지 나는 위로가는데\n이게 마인드의 갭 난 이겨 매일매일 yo\n난 이겨 매일매일 yo 난 이겨 매일매일 yo
누군가의 래퍼에서 이젠 난 네 래퍼\n실력 향상을 원하는 너는 나를 베껴\n너에게도 엄청난 영향을 끼치는 내 Ego\n내 Fan의 실력 당연 너보다는 Much better\n올해는 작년의 비와이가 되고 싶은 애들이 꽤 많아 보여 그건 큰 야망이야 최고가 되려는 거니깐 But Nobody can't like me 완전 구별된 놈\n짧은 머리의 Nazirite I'm living in da dream\n내 상태는 림보 네가 나를 본다면\n네 자세는 림보 Because 내 위치는 맨 위지\n매너리즘에 깊이 빠진 넌\n텔레비전에 비친 나를 깨우겠지
누군가의 래퍼에서 이제 난 네 래퍼\n실력 향상을 원하는 너는 나를 베껴\n너에게도 엄청난 영향을 끼치는 내 Ego\n내 Fan의 실력이 당연 너보다는 Muck better\n올해는 작년의 비와이가 되고 싶은 애들이 꽤 많아 보여\n그건 큰 야망이야 최고가 되려는 거니깐 But\nNobody can't like me 완전 구별된 놈\n짧은 머리의 Nazirite I'm living in da dream\n내 상태는 림보 네가 나를 본다면\n네 자세는 림보 Because 내 위치는 맨 위지\n매너리즘에 깊이 빠진 넌\n텔레비전에 비친 나를 배우겠지