III (Live at Hillsong Conference) - Hillsong Young Free

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All the songs you know and love (we hope) from our studio album III, recorded live at Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia! Featuring our friends Chris Tomlin, Brooke Ligertwood and Joel Houston.Stream or download III (Live at Hillsong Conference) wherever you listen to music at Love Won't Let Me Down

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I love how all this people is united for one goal: reaching closer to Jesus
A Ani
Young & Free. Feel blessed 🕇❤ from West Papua 😊😇
Alizée Hofstetter
i'm trying to do my homeworks...it's just impossible :D \nI would have loved to be there, but I live in France and i'm only 17...but one day. That's my dream !!!!!!!! Last week I was at the Hillsong France concert, it was so good but Hillsong Conference seems to be so awesome!!!!!!! \nGod bless you all !!
Amy Morgan
Went to a cafe for wifi just to watch this by myself! So committed to this.
Anjal Nazirite
Praise the Lord...\nThank you so much for blessing us.\nFrom Sikkim India..
Ben Cruz
Highs and Lows is beautiful. I like the set itself as well. Very intriguing. What inspired you guys to make that kind of stage for the song?
Bobby Conti
That breakdown in Wake though! Loving this!
Bona Situmorang
First Love make me cry 😭
Christian Ramirez
I’m here for highs and lows live, this song has ministered to me in more ways than I can count. God is good and I’m thankful that as a worshipper I can listen to such beautifully crafted music from others
Christian xD
Like si eres latino o hablas español
Christopher Emmons
Daniel Zambrano
Me encanto 👑 ♪ amo la adoración , estaba muy erosionado por escuchar el nuevo álbum III ♥♪
Dayana González
*Ufffff me encantó* 😍\n*Que bendicion* 👌
Dilan Tocagon
Oh la la. HOLA ! Happy to hear youu. \nHi from Colombia. \nHi from Rionegro Antioquia Colombia. \nHi & Hi & Hi... I'm so excited. Ok you know it. I wanna hear nooww.
Eli Acst
Wow alguien tiene que llevarme a hillsong !! Guatemala☀
Eliu Herrera
7:26 Love Laura doing jumping jacks. Love the spirit. Love everthing about this.
put you hands up for the king
Gabriel Tomaz
Waiting for the best live album 🤞🏽
Gelo Sugui
Grace Abounds
Increíble , alguien de México???🤷
Ilka Sanchez
Definitely a christian group with real worshipers! Praise the Lord!
IsaqueGamer BR bop
Esperando...Chegou!!!!Let Go Hillsong...
Israel Manrique MR
JD Attack
This Laura toggs is trying too hard.Her voice has no power,lots of flats..give the microphone to other vocalists.. C'mon now
Jabo's Fun Train
So many people be asking Hillsong to come to their country rather than god
Jahir Lara
PREMIERE: III (Live at Hillsong Conference) - Hillsong Young & Free\n\n00:20 SELAH III (Fruits of the Spirit)\n03:20 Intro\n04:26 Let Go\n08:29 Wake\n12:46 Hindsight\n16:44 Every Little Thing\n22:31 Jesus Loves Me\n27:47 Highs & Lows\n34:06 P E A C E\n40:45 Days Gone By\n44:33 Push/Pull\n49:40 How Deep Is The Love\n51:20 Sinking Deep\n55:23 First Love\n1:00:44 Heart Of God\n1:08:40 Just Jesus\n1:12:13 Love Won't Let Me Down
Jakes Mikas
Y&F Forever bro 😍❤️
Jamaine Pillay
I love the intro
James Hill
This is amazing. I needed this. 🙂
Janina Y.
This is so beautiful. I just sat there and watched the intire video. I could feel God's heart through the screen over here in Germanys. Love what God does through young & free.
Jaqueline Sales
Participações:\nJoel 30:54\nBrooke 47:38\nChris Tomlin 01:06
Jazmin Rodriguez
For my Jesus you never fail! My Jesus I’m holding onto you! ❤️
Jean Carlos Martinez Nuñez
Me gustan sus canciones🎵🎵
Jesica Maldonado
Beautifull & Amazing
Jireh Choo
Wake is one of their favourites
Joe Clark
That Chris Tomlin moment in the bridge of Heart Of God...awesome :-) @1:04:55
John Knock
wow thats the presence of the Holy spirit i want to dwell forever
Josh Jones
Is this a concert performance of a band or a worship team leading people in worship? I’m not too sure anymore
Julieta Grimaldo
1:06:23 :') \u003c3 so beautiful
Julio Carral
ya me lo estoy descargando
This is awesome! Wish we could've been there!
Kelly Arellano
Los amo, espero que pronto vengan a México 💖
Ken Flake
Aodhan brought me here from IG Story :)
Kervin Winjean Go Gaw
Highs & Lows really pierced me right through my heart. Thank you Lord! Especially, in the situation im in alot of heartbreaks! 😢😢 but the good thing is I can cry to God! 😢😢😢
guys the chills.... take me back to conference week i miss the whole week so bad its not even funny!! i was dancing my heart to these songs like its crazy and wow i have never been spiritually lifted and filled that much before wow bless y'all
Lea Dominique17
Push/Pull and heart of god 🔥🙌🏽
Leo Constantino Narito
HINDSIGHT my favorite here \u003c3
Louie McLane
III album, God will make a way for Y&F to get that Grammy's 💛
Muy bonito álbum chicos los felicito, sigan adelante, hay unas cuantas canciones bastantes interesantes, creo además que hicieron demasiadas canciones suaves, deben hacer varias pero no tantas, recuerden que ustedes son el grupo juvenil de todos los Hillsong.
Malena Escalada
Days gone by Is THE song
Mark Joseph Dango
I took time watching this, and I felt like I was also there😭. Happy to see Chris Tomlin too. 🙏🏻🇵🇭
Maurice Quintel
Highs and Lows\nPEACE\nPush/Pull\nHeart of God\n\nSooooo good and beyond thankful that these songs were written!!
Maxlian De_
even though I didn't watch live, but His presence I felt now was live.
May Cleofe
❤️❤️❤️ - From Philippines 🇵🇭
Meena Choi
Christian creativity at its best!💕glory to God!
Mica Costa
We love you guys!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️
Mike Reyes
Observé todo el concierto otra vez quiero que se repita cante mucho jajaja hasta dance como si estuviera hai
Million Dollar Truckers
Miriam Lanza
Monica Aguilar
I can’t wait until it’s time to go back home to glory and worship like this everyday 💕💖💕 \n\nGod bless Hillsong for bringing a glimpse of heaven to earth. 🙌
No era el 2 de noviembre???
Natali Goncharova
Thank you guys, brothers and sisters for this album! It's a real blessing which i share with NOT CHRISTIANS and it opens their hearts! The annoyed music, lyrics and work in studio all together make a great influence in this world! Keep going!!!! I'm looking forward for the next!
Nick B
Like if hillsong is the best
Norvis jiron
Oscar Fer
Hands up latinos!
Pastor Icaro Seymmon Tavares
I love you all from the Hillsong band and their songs are very beautiful I'm Brazilian
Raimundo Willian
I love for you HILLSONG YOUNG FREE❤🔥✔
Rendis Dwi
trakclist guys,??? where are u guy with tracklist :D
Richi Pum yeah!
There is Joel Houston playing the acoustic guitar \nIn highs and lows
Roberta Prevedello
40:45 Days Gone By 💛
Rolf Wam Fjell
Next level altogether!!! WELL DONE ❤️praise God!
Ropafadzo Juwakinyu
I love the way you sing, it is just the same with preaching. Hillsong Young and Free, you are the best.
Samuel Martinez
IM from colombia
Sara Valadão
Love it!\nAnd also Karina's pants!
28:01 This is Joel Houston!? \u003c3
Sergio Delgado
Joel Houston his mic was mute or what XD so sad 😔
Shikongo Tully
I wish to attend the live conference one day...\nBlessed is the name of JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!! \nWatching from Namibia
Solomon Gilmore
Y&f in Jesus name
Steve Crown
Remember it’s “Jesus” not hillsong..
Steven Evan
Please make a cassette tape please!!!!! Also come to Cali 🤙🏼
Style PANIC Universe
We were there!!! Can't wait to see how much God will bless people through these songs!!
Wendy Rodriguez
Love your songs\n\
Xbox And Others!
Love Hillsong Y&F ( 4 ) \nFav tracks\n1: Love won't let me down 👌\n2: Alive 👍\n3: Wake 👍\n4: Where you are 👏
This is the best early Christmas gift!
francisco rivas
This music is amazing
hsjek jdhe
More of You?
igor Rafael
I love Jesus Christ ❤️ 😭🔥💥
imma cover
Can't wait
jesus_rafael demagajes
Watching here from iloilo city, Philippines
karen ospina
karla leiva
La mejor banda cristiana del mundo... todo el equipo Hillsong`s son los mejores ... agradezco a Díos por sus vidas y por las hermosas alabanzas que tocan el corazón de muchos
luis velasquez
Hi from Colombia Parceros
How deep is the love, one of my favorites got cut short :(
tiago silva
Topper !! Brasil na área ✝️🔥🍃