Nicole Kidman - Birth [For You Only]

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A music video on the movie 'Birth' by director Jonathan Glazer.One of my favorite Nicole Kidman movies. Once again a brilliant performance by her! The video centers around Anna and Sean's somewhat strange relationship. I've tried to stay clear from spoilers as usual, so it should be safe to watch even if you haven't seen the movie yet. This movie is about a little boy (Cameron Bright) who shows up at Anna's (Nicole Kidman) house the night of her engagement party and tells her he's the re-incarnation of her late husband Sean. At first they laugh about it, but as they start to question the boy they are surprised by how much he knows about Sean and their relationship. He was born the same day her late husband died. The boy tries to get back with his wife and wishes to convince her not to marry Joseph. Anna is soon taken by the boy and wants to believe he really is her late husband. Is he?*** I do not own the copyright to this movie - fair use only! I only did the editing. The movie belongs to New Line. ** No profit is made of off this!* Strictly made for entertainment purposes!Song by Trading Yesterday - For You Only (Long version)

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Galit Tsabari
woow! love this video very much! I think it's time for the next movie-it can't end like that..
Lara Abdallah
Another beautiful video so incredible!
Mine Ralwasser
WOW !\r\nI love all your videos. \r\nHonestly I never saw this movie. But this video makes me to watch it one day.\r\n\r\nGreat job !
Thank you so much :-)\r\nYes, it's a great movie. I like the feel of the movie - great cinematography and Nicole once again delivers a flawless performance. It's provocative and strange - but I have a flare for that so for me it's just perfect. :)
Natashia v
wow its good :D
Simon Larsen
Wow, you amaze me, haha, it's two years ago since I posted that comment, but I didn't ever find the song, and you just helped me out. Thank you so much!!!! How did you know that??
Traiasca ciorile; pe Lumea Cealalta!
beautiful movie...beatiful song...beautiful feelings....
Wow that was impressive. I remember seeing this film when it was released in theaters. Nicole was nominated for a Golden Globe for this film.
Cameron Bright just turned 21 this year. Time for a sequel!\n\nCall it \
Brilliant again!