ANDUX blue steel butterfly knife trainer

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ANDUX they make super cool, well made beautifully finished knives that are a pleasure to flip. Check them out links below⬇️Link to knife on amazon:

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Has this knife broke on you yet?
Azztastic 12
Is it possible to bring an unsharpened trainer on a plane
what is the best trainer butterfly knife that you would recommend?
DanteJ P
I'm getting it in 2 days
Jack Devine
Which one do you recommend
do these trainers ship to canada? any idea where they ship from? ive ordered trainers in the past and theyve been stopped at the borders
Pot_ _roast
Well yeah that wasn't a Chaplin it was a fan lol..and that move you did was a index chaplin
Trolled1 TROLLED2
Hey great video, are these legal to Carry in the UK?
UrBoiA J
Vin The cop
So I want to get my first live blade balisong but I don’t know what I should get what do you recommend.
How much does it weigh