Starboy (Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris)

Starboy ft. Daft Punk (Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris)Taken from the new album Starboy

Daft Punk Starboy VSFS 2016 Victoria Secret Fashion Show Victorias Secret Fashion Show Paris The Weeknd

17 Prismatic
0:21 Adriana Lima (Brazilian) \n0:44 Valery Kaufman (Russian)\n1:12 Bella Hadid (Palestinian/ American)\n1:27 Jourdana Phillips (South African)\n1:41 Cindy Bruna (French)\n1:51 Ming xi (Chinese)\n1:58 Sanne Vloet (Dutch)\n2:15 Elsa Hosk (Swedish)\n2:25 Irina Shayk (Russian)\n2:41 Leomi Anderson (British)\n2:49 Liu Wen (Chinese)\n3:03 Georgia Fowler (New Zealander)\n3:14 Sara Sampio (Portuguese)\n\nYou're welcome ❤
Aadit Sabareesh Nair
2:57 she turned her walk into a dance move with elegance.
Abhilash Bawane
Adriana lima 😍
Adnan Ahmad
Adriana Lima (BRAZIL) 00:21 (1999-2008 ; 2010–present Current Angel)\nValery Kaufman (RUSSIA) 01:04 (2015–present)\nBella Hadid (USA) 01:14 (2016)\nJourdana Phillips (USA) 01:28 (2016)\nCindy Bruna (FRANCE) 01:36 (2013–present)\nMing Xi (CHINA) 02:00 (2013–present)\nSanne Vloet (HOLLAND) 02:06 (2015–present)\nElsa Hosk (SWEEDEN) 02:15 (2011–present)\nIrina Shayk (RUSSIA) 02:25 (2016)\nLeomie Anderson (UK) 02:41 (2015–present)\nLiu Wen (CHINA) 02:49 (2009-2012 ; 2016)\nGeorgia Fowler (NEW ZEALAND) 02:57 (2016)\nSara Sampaio (PORTUGAL) 03:10 (2013–present)\nLOVE THEM allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll for SEXY pose fitness :)
Alejandro Cornejo
2:25 oh my goodness... Irina did it again!!❤️❤️❤️
Alex Benitez
After Bella touched him her face expression changed lmao
Alicia Montenegro
Adriana Lima is fire! 😍🔥
Ami Chotu
What a performance by the Weeknd meanwhile everyone else is just drooling over the girls.
AtHx Psych
the weekend is one of the few singers I've seen who actually sound good live.
0:52 like one of the most awesome things Ive EVER seen
Benn Gutierrez
I seriously watch this everyday just Adriana’s opening walk 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cacao Philippines
Adriana will do this until she's 40 #Goals
Carl Johnson
Ex: *walks on stage*\nTheWeeknd: *Im a Mothafukin Starboii*
Carlos Avalos
If humans had to send a woman to a galactic beauty contest we should send Adriana Lima to represent the Earth.
Clara Brown
Bella Hadid , la plus belle au monde , dédicace à toi Clara .
Claudia Jimenez
Adriana and Irina were the best!!
CrayonKanitakhung BurijungSWNP
Adriana, Elsa and Sara made the runway hot.
Cristal spears
If Adriana Leaves Victoria’s Secrets the Brand is Gone! #facts
Dashko Games
Irina Shayk - one love. She is the most beautiful woman on this \nEveryone passed by weekend and did something that was flirting and so on. And she walked proudly forward, ignoring him and the rest. In addition, she still had the best outfit. He stood out. And her only one was shown behind the scenes before the exit. And indeed, she is very cool and beautiful, and smart. In general, I am delighted with her. She, unlike others, has at least a figure and a chest, and not a board. And the fact that she was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She was promoted on the 55th street to the fullest extent on this cover, since they recognized the best. In general, I am proud that she is from my country. And others are not suitable for it either
Davann Chhin
The first one got perfection \nHer eyes are just ❌⭕️
Dzordz Prase
Lajk ko misli da ih je taslacio sve posle ovoga
Ecstasy_Of _Agony
Opening; Adriana\n\nand\n\nWatch 2:19; Elsa baby!
Emre Şallıoğlu
Adriana like a God
Feri Yuzyil
Adriana LİMA is the one and only Victoria Secret Legend 👑🔥❤❤
Ferrer Zorola
it would be nice if The Weeknd did the Super Bowl in 2022 when it's 10 years since he broke through
Gillian Leow
Am I the only one who keep rewinding to adri's part n I am a gal...yeah
Irina Shayk is best
Helen James
Tall girls are hot , I feel so bad for short girls
I am Someone
Iman Jundi
adriana lima😍😍😍
JP Pulido
Could be the 4 minutes just for Adriana Lima?
Jessica Medeiros
Adriana Lima 🇧🇷❤️
Victoria's Secret shows were made for performers like The Weeknd. He doesn't try the steal the show but control it with his amazing voice. Who else got chills from the long notes at the end??
Karaman Anti
Irina shayk 😍😍😍😍
Keosounly Phon
i keep coming back to this vid. so talented!
King Lion
Irina Shayk ❤ elegance, beauty, style and personality. She is a pretty woman. Queen 👑 02:25
Kon Tzo
i mostly live for Adriana and Irina in this video like they slayed sooo hard
Larih Santos
Adriana lima tombou todo mundo. \n*diva é diva né mores*
The weeknd in his element.
Laura Lh
damn Adriana is the queen
Lorena Ioana
Who is the model at 2:31 ?????
Lucas d'Anjos
às vezes eu acho que o Victoria's S. F. Show só existe pra Adriana Lima brilhar porque, quando ela entra na passarela, nada mais importa.
The most beautiful and modest here there is our Russian model of Tatar origin Irene Shake!!! At least she ( in comparison with many other angels) has some protruding parts of the body which, to my mind, are necessary for edvertising sexy lingerie))
Mala Kaja
Adriana and Irina once again reminded me how gay I am
Manay TV
this boy just had the best night lmao.
Mary Marie
Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima are queens 👑
Michael Kelly
Bella passing Abel already Iconic.
Michael Plurad
Damn Lima's killin' in the milf category... And who's the model at 1:32? She's gorgeous.
Mobina Sadigi
Irina shayk 😚😚
Moonlight Queen
I love the ones with the \
Musnun Aman
1:58 idk why i loved that 😂
Nick Armstrong
Irina Shayk is undoubtedly the most beautiful of them all.
NightlySteam 70
His live performances are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than studio recordings
O Allx
No one speaks about the beauty from 3:05 ?? What s her name btw
2:03 omg she is beautiful
Adriana Lima is living proof that the outfit is not everything. She was given one of the lamest outfits on the show and she turned out to be the sexiest and had the best performance on this segment.
Prabal Pegu
It seems the first girl is a pro compared to others.
Prince De Souza
The first girl is the remedie to erectile dysfunction
Relapse Skux
he’s come so far loved him as a youtube star
RoOp ReYna
Lima .....😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Sagar Shroff
Valery Kaufman my fav forever! Elegance, Beauty and Innocence! Boss Lady
Saroj Kothari
I love his vocals😘😘 amazing
Satzu Is real
Wow irina is gorgeous
Shailesh Kamble
Irina shayk 😍
Showbiz Exposed
OMG.!! Ming Xi!!!!! That kiss
Soccer Passion
2:24 Illuminati at the background
Srisha S
I'm only here for Irina Shyank's walk 2:25.. GIRLLLLLL, GOD IS WOMAN❤
Stone Age
He lost his breathe at 1:13 for a while.....Bella should have smiled atleast
Swati Mahajan
I'm disappointed by myself that I knew about Gigi and Kendall instead of knowing about vs goddess Adriana. Adriana is the goddess of vs show ❤🔥
Tenseigan Añuca
2:15 - 2:35 is so epic, the drop beat with Elsa Hosk and Irina Shayk then screen background is like Eye of Providence.
Teresa Rodriguez
Dude that side-eye from Ariana Lima at 0:35 OMG I can only wish of being as sexy as her 😍
Thais Arisa
Doctor: you only have 4 minutes left to live\nMe: *watches Adriana Lima's walk 4 times*
Thamie Charlez
2:19 that girl looked cool af when the beat dropped 😍😍😍
Adriana lima is sooo fire!!
Jesus Christ, Adriana Lima, Oh Gosh. A Goddess.
Unknown Beach
“I should go to the gym so I can date hot girls like them” says me eating a pizza
Vadim Mostyrskyi
2:25 Irina Shayk !!!
Wilker M. Chaves
2:02--2:04 skipped a heartbeat
My favs:\n1. Adriana Lima\n2. Bella Hadid\n3. 2:01 idk her name, but she is hella cute
You What
Not fair for other models that walked after Lima.
ailene ortico
Adrianna lima is so hot loveyah
can we all just agree that Adrian Lima killed this show, like honestly she has so much charisma and stage presence. I'm weak
felype soouza
Adriana Lima dona da Victoria's Secret. 🇧🇷❤️\nMuito diva! 😚🌟
gustav france
I love so much the Adriana Lima's bitchy face walking the runway \u003c3
Adriana Lima gave the best opening ever!
jsjsyhs hsisis
2:29 she is the best (for me)
leo jan
This was so much fun to watch!
luciano AC
those models gotta have some balls to be walking right after adriana lima
magnum magnum
Adriana Lima 😍😍😍😍😍
The look that Bella gave to Abel when she walked by.... that's some shit you only see in movies. They definitely had something.
musical guy
Should be made as official
paola pineda
2:02 SHES so pretty
pau cuevas
Holyshht that asian chic 😍
2:01 Wow she's stunning! So beautiful! \u003c3
sha paller
Irina while pregnant so professional.
tumendemberel otgontuya
Ohh my Irina Shayk she’s so beautiful and damn hot. She’s real angel 😇
Лера ли
OMG IRINA SHAYK , beauty 😍😍😍😍
han VIPLu
Adriana Lima is the true definition of sexy.