Starboy (Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris)

Starboy ft. Daft Punk (Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris)Taken from the new album Starboy

Daft Punk Starboy The Weeknd VSFS 2016 Victoria Secret Fashion Show Victorias Secret Fashion Show Paris

17 Prismatic
0:21 Adriana Lima (Brazilian)/1981\n0:44 Valery Kaufman (Russian)/1994\n1:12 Bella Hadid (Palestinian/ American/Dutch)/1996\n1:27 Jourdana Phillips (South African)/1992\n1:41 Cindy Bruna (French)/1994\n1:51 Ming xi (Chinese)/1989\n1:58 Sanne Vloet (Dutch)/1995\n2:15 Elsa Hosk (Swedish)/1988\n2:25 Irina Shayk (Russian)/1986\n2:41 Leomi Anderson (British)/1993\n2:49 Liu Wen (Chinese)/1988\n3:03 Georgia Fowler (New Zealander)/1992\n3:14 Sara Sampio (Portuguese)/1991\n\nYou're welcome ❤
Adriana Pereira
0:20 Look at the Devil come in 😈😈😈😈😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Aesthetic Bangtan
all these girls make me question my sexuality
Akanksha .P
This song was an absolute perfect fit for the VS runway. It had the beats and the grace. VS should opt for such genre artists more. This song accentuates their strut and they don't have to try to fit in the song.
Alex Orozco - Mis Latino Universal
Adriana que señorona la amo 💓💓💓💓💓🔥
Aline Guimarães.
The best performer at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!!
American Enigma _
That entry by Adriana !!! Dammmmmnnnnnnn 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍
Anabel Adilene
The first one and 2:33 goddam 🤤🤤😍
Angel Uillya
i will miss you Adriana(Victoria's Secret is you). you are the queen. this segment you are goddess and so gorgeous. love you forever Legend!!! ❤️ 10/11/2018
Angela Paola Castro Carranza
How is it possible to be on a Victoria's Secret runway and look so F... Bored and boring like Bella Hadid 🙄
Anna Aguilera
I think I felt in love with Irina Shayk, Adriana Lima, Ming xi and Elsa Hosk ❤️
AtHx Psych
the weekend is one of the few singers I've seen who actually sound good live.
Ayka Ayka
I am here for Adriana Lima. What a beauty) Adriana Lima is a Beauty Queen.
Blue aadi
2:01 ming xi marry meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Only memorable ones were Adriana Lima (don't know why people are complaining about her getting the worst outfit. I thought it was hotter than anyone else's, plus only she could've pulled it off) and Ming Xi.
Carlos Avalos
If humans had to send a woman to a galactic beauty contest we should send Adriana Lima to represent the Earth.
Carolina Morand
Adriana Lima, the best VS Angel ever.
Daniel Ashworth
1. Adriana \n2. Candice (if she was here)\n3. Irina \n\nBOOM!!! 😍😍😍😍
2:17 look at his eyes
Elane Azevedo
Every Thing
Sara Sampio Girl You nailed it 🔥🔥
how can you hate on greatness?
Fabio Dafonseca
Adriana lima and sara sampaio perfect angels
Feri Yuzyil
Adriana LİMA is the one and only Victoria Secret Legend 👑🔥❤❤
Queen adriana🙏❤❤💘💖👑👑👸
Hrushali’s Vidblo
Adrianna is a gem that vs lost. No one can walk as beautiful as she did. I mean yes vs still has pretty faces and nice models but they are nothing compared her. Just look at this how wonderful she walked she is an actual queen of vs. From sexy to beautiful smile within a second. She is wonderful. Vs will never be the same she was in last standing angel of golden era
I am Lola
*Adriana Lima is a goddess.*
I luv bad gal riri
2:53 that was a tragic af hair flip
Iakwbos Nomik
Just respect because it's not playback
Adriana is LIFE
Jasmin ola
2:03 she is so beautiful where can I get a me like that?
Jatin S. Kumar
Adriana's opening, Elsa's wink, Irina's attitude, Georgia's dance move and Sara's ending. One of the best VS fashion show. And yes, Weeknd's voice.
Justin 〜
2:16. 3:16. \n2U ‼️
Katie Caceres
Bella has to smile a little lol she’s so serious.
Katniss Dale
LOL everyone who walked after Adriana
King Lion
Irina Shayk ❤ elegance, beauty, style and personality. She is a pretty woman. Queen 👑 02:25
Lady Underwood
The VS queen: *ADRIANA* FCKN *LIMA* 💖💖💖 look at that goddess
The weeknd in his element.
Lidia Sandoval
Still fkn loving this!😍 Omgee Adriana😘 Rihanna's was amazing as well💖
Majo Diaz
when i think that Adriana is perfection i see Irina and i just can't decide😨😱👑👑
Manay TV
this boy just had the best night lmao.
Mandeep Sangar
Still can't believe irina was pregnant doing this show
Maris Lim
Bet no one can slay this segment opening better than Adriana Lima. 💕
Maryang Imchen
perfect beat for run ways
Matheus A. Cavalcante
I really wanna know what is the fabric used on the Sara Sampaio's wings at 3:14
This show was way better.
Michael Kelly
Bella passing Abel already Iconic.
Nabiha WDW 4EVER
Adriana is sooo pretty ma gawd why can't my mom make me like her!?! Jk love my mom and my aperance but still she is sooo pretty 😍
Nick Armstrong
Irina Shayk is undoubtedly the most beautiful of them all.
Oana D
No one speaks about the beauty from 3:05 ?? What s her name btw
ParAs ThApa
1:17 Did he just stare at his ex's ass and remembered all the times he smashed them?
Adriana Lima is living proof that the outfit is not everything. She was given one of the lamest outfits on the show and she turned out to be the sexiest and had the best performance on this segment.
Prince De Souza
The first girl is the remedie to erectile dysfunction
RAM Music
Who's here after Halsey and Shawn mendes and chain-smokers and bebe rexha performance?
Rafael Lima
Sorry world. Adriana Brazilian model slayed, smashed iT! Like always.
Rea C
Adriana is a show on her own way❤👑
*This surpass every 2018 performance no offence, had to rewatch this again.*
Riyani Husin
Thank you adriana lima after 20 years! She's a legend!
1:17 he’s checking her out LMAO
1:17 tries to touch his future wife
Sanju Rayan
Came to remind myself what a good VS fashion show looks like. This year was boring as hell
Sara Mahfud
Adriana and Elsa killed it, and Sara nailed the coffin. Her wings were the most gorg fkn thing ive ever seen, much better than the jokes of designs in this years VS show
Shaun Shaun
Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima can pass as sisters or twins
Silas Lautner
none stands out beyond Adriana Lima
Stone Age
He lost his breathe at 1:13 for a while.....Bella should have smiled atleast
Surabhi Shukla
Can we please acknowledge Sara Sampaio's closing coz it's Hella good
When Adriana Lima looks at you with that look, WOW.
Tania Segales
Ming Xi guys incredible, Adriana is pure fire ❤ attitude, confidence this is what its like wooow, you dont only need a ripped body but ATTITUDE
Telmo Gomes
Who came back in the video several times just to see adriana lima ?
Tenseigan Añuca
2:15 - 2:35 is so epic, the drop beat with Elsa Hosk and Irina Shayk then screen background is like Eye of Providence.
Thais Arisa
Doctor: you only have 4 minutes left to live\nMe: *watches Adriana Lima's walk 4 times*
Vadim Mostyrskyi
2:25 Irina Shayk !!!
Valar Dohaeris
The models today *just don't* have the spark that the older generation had\n\nAlessandra, Adriana, Lily Aldrige, Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Heidi were all phenomenal. \nBella, Gigi, Kendall just don't have that power
Vale Avaria
Vinay Pasricha
I am in love with his performance and offcourse goddess Lima😘😘
2:25 holy...mother... 😳
Adriana's opening and Sara's closing was perfection 👏🏽
Zainab Rawat
Adriana walked on to that stage like she'd just looked into a mirror and turned herself on...
This is still better than any of the 2018 one's.Hit like if you agree
ailene ortico
Adrianna lima is so hot loveyah
3:22 hoe hoe hoe 😂😂😂
Adriana defeats Gisele’s
dreamer girl
This show was %100 better than this year's. Song was exactly for this show. Outfits were on point.
elielson silva
Adriana limaaa cares beutifulll💕
fara keva
Sara is the best 💙💙💙
gustav france
I love so much the Adriana Lima's bitchy face walking the runway \u003c3
Adriana Lima gave the best opening ever!
heaven hell
Look what you done Adriana Lima!!!! Aaaaa
2:03 literally killed me
luciano AC
those models gotta have some balls to be walking right after adriana lima
I love watching the models reactions and celebrations after the walk they always look so happy
The look that Bella gave to Abel when she walked by.... that's some shit you only see in movies. They definitely had something.
olya friendly222
Am I the only one who really liked Elsa's wink?😉
pepicc pepicc
Adriana Lima will be missed 💔👑
shubham paswan
Victoria secret Queen *Adriana Liam* ❤️🖤
tiago silva
Adriana... irina and sara finishing... perfection
Αννα Κ.
Who is here after Adriana's last show?
Анар Дауылбаева
Так воодушевляет !