Mary Pickford receiving an Hononary Oscar

Mary Pickford receiving an Honorary Oscar®


Gene Kelly and Producer Walter Mirisch presenting an Honorary Oscar® to Mary Pickford in recognition of her unique ...

Mary Pickfords Oscar Winning Performance in Coquette (1929) Clip 3


Silent film star Mary Pickford was unparalleled in her popularity for 20 years. When sound film (talkies) arrived she jumped right in, ...

Lillian Gish receiving an Honorary Oscar®


Melvyn Douglas presenting an Honorary Oscar® to Lillian Gish for superlative artistry and for distinguished contribution to the ...

Charlie Chaplins Honorary Award: 1972 Oscars


Charlie Chaplin receiving an Honorary Oscar® - 44th Annual Academy Awards®.

Cary Grant receiving an Honorary Oscar®


Frank Sinatra presenting an honorary Oscar® to Cary Grant () for ...

What Happened To Mary Pickford? Final Years


After retiring from the screen, Pickford became an alcoholic, as her father had been. Her mother Charlotte died of breast cancer in ...

Groucho Marx receiving an Honorary Oscar®


Jack Lemmon presenting Groucho Marx with an Honorary Oscar® in recognition of his brilliant creativity and for the unequalled ...

Mary Pickford Documentary


Gladys Louise Smith (April 8, 1892 – May 29, 1979), known professionally as Mary Pickford, was a prolific Canadian-American ...

Stan Laurel receiving an Honorary Oscar®


Danny Kaye presenting an Honorary Oscar® to Stan Laurel of the famous comedy duo Laurel and Hardy ( ...

Gary Cooper receiving an Honorary Oscar®


William Wyler presenting an Honorary Oscar® to Gary Cooper for his many memorable screen performances and the international ...

James Stewart receiving an Honorary Oscar®


Cary Grant presenting an honorary Oscar® to James Stewart() for ...