OCT Macular y Nervio Óptico


Clínica Rementería | Realización de una Tomografia de Coherencia Optica (OCT) de la Macula y ...

HOW TO: basic image acquisition with SPECTRALIS OCT


This video guides you through how to perform a basic screening examination for macular disease and glaucoma using infrared ...

What is OCT Scanning? (Optical Coherence Tomography)


In our practices we use OCT scanning technology to obtain more detailed information of the ocular structures than has been ...Субтитри

OCT Tutorial On Macular Anatomy part 1


Introduction/tutorial on interpreting macula scans on OCT Visit www.octscans.com for more information on how to interpret OCT ...

Optical Coherence Tomography Basic Explanation


A very introductory look at Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), an imaging technology used in medicine.

Minimum Wages in Jharkhand Oct 2018-19 Notification की दर क्या है


Minimum Wages in Jharkhand Oct 2018-19 Notification की दर क्या है- ...Нове

how to read an OCT report of glaucoma ?


How to read printout of Cirrus OCT and Optovue OCT glaucoma report?

OCT Interpretation - Vitreous


This is the second video in a series on OCT interpretation and it covers the vitreous.

Tomographie par cohérence optique (ophtalmologie) (OCT, Optical cohérence tomography) (principe)


Tomographie par cohérence optique en ophtalmologie (Optical cohérence tomography, OCT) : principe, image chez un sujet sain.

Mastering OCT Interpretation with Dr. Mark Friedberg


In this CEwire2015 highlight, Mark Friedberg, MD gives us an outstanding talk on how to master OCT interpretation. OCT has ...

Exame OCT


Explicação do Exame OCT pela Dra. Susana Penas.

OCT in retinal diseases


OCT for beginners, in Arabic.

OCT: Interpreting the image


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is used increasingly in optometric practice to identify retinal pathology, to improve referral ...

OCT Scan Step by Step GETOCT


In diesem kurzen Video wird gezeigt, wie eine OCT-Untersuch des Auges Schritt für Schritt abläuft: unkompliziert, absolut ohne ...