Sekirei - 01[Ryc99]

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The moment Minato and Musubi meet.

Mi Yu Xing Zhe 01 vostfr


Synopsis: Un magicien, une femme médecin, un gangster, un professeur d'archéologie, une policière, un trafiquant de drogue, ...

Sekirei PS2 Opening


Info: ! ! ! This isn't Sekirei opening 3 ! ! ! It's the opening from the Sekirei PS2 game!!! Hope you enjoy it :)

Musubi & Matsu


Sekirei 05 - The Water Sekirei.

Sekirei (PS2) - All Cutscenes


Full title is "Sekirei - Mirai Kara no Okurimono" (Sekirei - Gifts from the Future). 00:00 - Opening (Song: I'm with you) 02:19 ...

Top 5 Anime You Should Never Watch In Front Of Your Parents 18+


Top 5 Anime You Should Never Watch In Front Of Your Parents. The names of the anime are.. #5 prison school (2015) #4 manyuu ...

Kazehana y Minato - Sekirei: Pure Engagement


Sekirei: Pure Engagement Capitulo 2.

Prison School OAV 01 vostfr


c'est le premier OAV de l'anime prison school.

Enfer et Paradis Episode 1 vf


Enfer et Paradis Episode 1 vf Je tien aussi a vous dire que je ne ferais q'un seul anime a la fois pour l'instant.

Sekirei - Tsukiumi's Homecoming (English DUb)


Minato wings Tsukiumi and takes her home to Maison Izumo where she introduces herself as his wife. Chaos ensues when his ...

Sekirei- Karasuba's Visit & Miya's Warning


From the anime series Sekirei. One of my favorite anime shows. It's a scene from Season 1, Episode 7, titled "The Black Sekirei".

Sekirei Pure Engagement Season 2 opening


The opening theme is "Hakuyoku no Seiyaku (Pure Engagement)". I can't get this opening out of my head it's addictive to watch.

Sekirei Opening Theme Song


This song is belong to their owner!

Sekirei OST 31 Sekirei dance


This is the music that plays when Yume takes Musubi's body in Sekirei ep 12 also plays when Kazehana gets winged. The music ...

Sekirei「AMV」- Face Everything and Rise


AMV ➥ Anime: Sekirei: Pure Engagement (セキレイ~) ➥ Music: Papa Roach - Face Everything and Rise - Brighter Than A ...