Off the grid living

Woman Living Fully Off-Grid for 2 Years in a Tiny Yurt


Beige has been living fully off-grid in Canada in her small yurt for over 2 years. She has no electricity, she uses a wood ...

7 Great OFF-GRID LIVING Inventions #3


Seven interesting off-grid living inventions No.3. For more information follow the links below. 0:06 ➤ Turbulent Micro Hydro Power ...

Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!


This tiny house is ready for anything! Completely off the grid, this tiny home on wheels generates its own solar power, collects rain ...CC

6 Great OFF-GRID LIVING Inventions #5


Six interesting off-grid living inventions and products. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video - K-Tor PowerBox. For more ...New

Homesteading Family Living Off-Grid in a Spectacular Earthship


This inspiring off-grid homesteading family lives in a renovated stone earthship. They grow their own food, collect rainwater ...CC

5 Great OFF-GRID LIVING Inventions #4


Five great off-grid living inventions and products. For more information follow the links below. 0:05 ➤ Turgo Turbine by ...

Why I moved from the City to the Off Grid Jungle


Hey free women, today I talk about my decision to move to the jungle off grid, chasing the fruit. Itve nearly ...

Buying Land for Off Grid Living


Ever wanted to know how to go about buying your dream property for off-grid living? Today, I go through the essentials that you ...

Spacious DIY Off-The-Grid Tiny House


This spectacular off-the-grid tiny home on wheels in Australia is a true beauty! Constructed as a do-it-yourself build, the house is ...

The Real Truth About Living Off Grid With Solar Energy


We have unlimited power now, right?! Not quite. We discuss what it means to live with our new off grid 5.2kw solar array and how ...

Is It Cheaper Off-Grid? Our First 5 Months Living Off The Grid


What are the financial considerations when deciding to go off grid? What are the cost differences? Is it REALLY cheaper? How ...



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Fouch Family Off Grid Inspired | Why I Quit Homesteading After My First Year


Life isnt always easy. NEW!!! - Mapleberry Farm Shirts: ...New

An introduction to off grid living in the UK


UPDATE** 7/3/18 I am painting the outside! **UPDATE** 23/8/18 Books on the subject feature in my latest video: ...

Living off grid in the UK - LifeSwap


Last week I went back to visit Clive in #Somerset but this time took my camera with me. We talked about the challenges of living ...

Island Living In An Off-The-Grid House Boat


Mark has lived a very unusual life. As a professional mime and clown he has travelled the world as a performing artist and brought ...

True Off-Grid Homesteading in A Pioneer Style Cabin


Doug and Stacy are living the pioneer lifestyle in the 21st century! Living in a beautifully constructed DIY pioneer style cabin and ...

Off The Grid Cabin In New Zealand Paradise


Hidden amongst the spectacular mountain ranges of the Kahurangi National park of New Zealand, this beautiful off-the-grid cabin ...

Family of 7 Living Completely Off-Grid in Northern Canada!


In this video, we meet Jeff, Rose, and their 5 girls who are living completely off grid on a 40-acre piece of land in Northern British ...

A year off grid in my roundhouse


Just an update of the roundhouse after living in it for about a year. you can help the project ...